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What people are saying

When the Pandemic hit, we had to scale up our supply chain massively in a matter of weeks and Traqa made it possible to do so. It gave us real-time forecasting and visibility of the entire supply chain, becoming the focal point that allowed our sales team to manage customer needs.

Robin Pegna


Traqa has become the go-to source for making sure that the supply chain is working to our latest demand information. Traqa gives us the current real-time “run-rates” to which we can add known future variations. It also gives us visibility on what’s incoming so we know we are keeping our customers fully up-to-date.

Asanka Silva

Company Director

Over the years we have seen a large increase in the resource demand on all aspects of traceability. The increasing requirements on customers to fulfil their compliance and regulatory commitments has demanded a greater level of traceability from our side. Traqa gives us fast and detailed batch tracking throughout our supply chain. 

Mark Bridge

Technical Manager

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