Introducing Traqa

Supply Chain Management made simple.

Traqa is a modern approach to supply chain management with a focus on smart forecasting and easy traceability.


Stay one step ahead with forecasting.

Say goodbye to mind numbing spreadsheets and manual number crunching. Traqa constantly updates your forecast with real time events, allowing you to focus on when to place your next orders.

Predict Your Demand

See how different scenarios play out by modelling your demand, or even let Traqa auto-forecast for you using your live run rates. 

Model Your Purchasing

Plans weeks or months ahead with consignment modelling. Once you’re ready, turn your models into purchase orders at the click of a button.

Real Time Updates

No more working with out of date information. Traqa constantly updates your forecasts with the latest transactions from purchase orders through to goods out.

Quick Insights

Get quick insights such as the current weekly run rate for a product, or how many weeks of stock are remaining.


Inventory Management without the headache.

Whether you have 10 products or 10,000, Traqa makes inventory management seamless, easy, and efficient.

Operate Multiple Locations

More than one warehouse or stockroom? Traqa allows you to manage them all locally whilst aggregating any data for you at the click of a button.

Make Sense Of Divisions

Forecasting in units, ordering in palettes, but selling in cases? Traqa does the maths while you refer in whichever division makes sense at the time.

Streamline Your Stocktake

Whilst carrying out your stocktake, Traqa will constantly reconcile against your expected stock levels, enabling you to correct correct issues as you go.

Real Time Allocation

Because Traqa knows about your sales and purchase orders it means it can automatically allocate stock, so that your whole team knows what is available at any given time.

Mobile App

Supply Chain
in your pocket

Coming Soon

Wondering if that delivery has arrived yet? The Traqa mobile app gives you a real-time overview of your supply chain. Available on iOS & Android.

Monitor On The Move

Stay up-to-date from wherever you are. The Traqa mobile app has been designed to give you quick insights and updates on your supply chain.

Get Notified

Reduce all the back and forth emails with your colleagues and instead activate push notifications for the things you want to stay up to date on.

What people are saying

When the Pandemic hit, we had to scale up our supply chain massively in a matter of weeks and Traqa made it possible to do so. It gave us real-time forecasting and visibility of the entire supply chain, becoming the focal point that allowed our sales team to manage customer needs.

Robin Pegna


Traqa has become the go-to source for making sure that the supply chain is working to our latest demand information. Traqa gives us the current real-time “run-rates” to which we can add known future variations. It also gives us visibility on what’s incoming so we know we are keeping our customers fully up-to-date.

Asanka Silva

Head of Sales

Over the years we have seen a large increase in the resource demand on all aspects of traceability. The increasing requirements on customers to fulfil their compliance and regulatory commitments has demanded a greater level of traceability from our side. Traqa gives us fast and detailed batch tracking throughout our supply chain. 

Mark Bridge

Technical Manager

Ready to make your supply chain management a breeze?